Titanic win your wedding couple have 6 months to go!!

Friday, 04 May 2018
Rebecca Pope and Stuart Lloyd Titanic Hotel’s win your wedding couple have just six months left until their wedding day in West Bay. We caught up with Rebecca and Stuart to find out how their wedding planning is going.

 “I am excited but nervous at the same time. Still seems a while off but I know as the weeks start coming, more and more plans will be put into action and the day will get closer and closer!”

“I still can’t believe we will be married in 6 months, feels like something you do when you’re older! Will start looking at suits in the next couple of months and making plans for the morning of the wedding.” said Stuart

What does getting married at Titanic Hotel mean to you?
“When we first got engaged, we made a 5 year plan to save, buy our first home, get married and maybe start a family. We are currently into the 4th year and even though we have bought our home we would never have got married in the last year of the plan. So winning the win your wedding competition and having the opportunity to get married at the Titanic really does mean the world to us.”

How have you found the experience of planning your wedding with the coordinators at Titanic Hotel?
“Recently we went to Titanic Hotel to meet with Concha our wedding coordinator, who after a few weeks of me freaking out went through absolutely everything with us even down to the knife used to cut the cake. I felt so much better after my appointment and had a little squeal at the thought of getting married.”

What would you say to those considering Titanic Hotel as their wedding venue?
“Before winning our wedding, we were looking at old rustic venues. To be honest, I had never been to the Titanic Hotel and didn't realise how close to home it is. When we arrived on the day of the competition, we fell in love straight away. The brick walls and stone floor of West Bay are gorgeous and the perfect setting for a wedding. We were told we can do whatever we want to the room, hang fairy lights etc. so straight away we felt at ease knowing we can bring our dream wedding to life.”

How has winning your wedding at Titanic Hotel changed your life in terms of how long it would it have taken you to get married and save?
“Winning our wedding has been a massive help. We bought our first home a few months before winning so we were years away from getting married.”

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Where are you up to with planning your big day? Do you have much left to plan?
“So far I have bought my dress which I LOVE and can't wait to go back and try it on again. We have bought our bridesmaids dresses, wedding cake and invitations. We have booked our venue dresser, DJ, hairdresser, photographer, videographer, DJ and sorted all the stationary. We have still got to find suits, rings and a florist!”

What’s been your favourite part of planning your big day so far?
“I loved the day my mum took me for my dress. I didn't think I would be trying any on for a good few years so to have that day come early and spend it with my mum and sister was amazing.”

“The closer we get I am feeling a little more nervous! There are so many things to organise, I don't want to forget anything. Girls think about their wedding day from when they are little, so actually putting some of those things into place is very surreal!” 

“As nervous as we are, we are still really excited and can't wait to have all of our family together to celebrate with us.” said Rebecca.

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