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About Titanic Hotel

Historical Liverpool Port
Millions of bricks, thousands of panes of glass and hundreds of steel girders go to make up what was once part of the life blood of the thriving Port of Liverpool – the warehouses. Rum and tobacco imported from exotic locations were stored here in great brick buildings, the size the world had never seen before.

The docks at the mouth of the Mersey River, including Stanley Dock, pioneered modern dock technology, transport and port management. Meanwhile Liverpool hummed with emigrants from all over Europe preparing to depart for a life in the New World. It quickly became the Second City of the Empire and trading through its docks and canals was at the core of this success.

Titanic Hotel and Rum Warehouse
Titanic Hotel is part of the redevelopment of the historic Stanley Dock complex. It is located in what was the North Warehouse. The North Warehouse was built in 1846 and finished in 1854 and has been derelict for a number of years. Part of the North Warehouse was damaged in an air raid in World War II.

Rum Warehouse which is attached to the North Warehouse and built in the 1950’s, has become a major new conference, banqueting and exhibition venue for 21st century Liverpool.

Next stage:
Standing opposite the North Warehouse in the southern buildings is the grade 11-listed Tobacco Warehouse building which will be the location of the next phase of development of Stanley Dock with apartments, bars and shops planned.

Care, sensitivity and diligent planning have all been employed in restoring these buildings to maintain their majestic heritage and to breathe life once more into this once-vibrant area.

We firmly believe that with the Titanic Hotel Liverpool and Rum Warehouse we have entered the annals of history and we are very proud to be writing the next chapter.

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