At Titanic Hotel Liverpool we are committed to providing suitable access for all our guests to ensure everyone’s stay is enjoyable and memorable.

  • 2 accessible parking bars near the hotel entrance.

Level Access
  • Hotel and Rum Warehouse entrance accessible.
  • Lifts available to floors and event spaces.
  • Accessible toilet available in reception, Rum Warehouse and Maya Blue Wellness.
  • In-house defibrillator and equipment available
  • Onsite wheelchair available.
  • Hotel’s taxi provide uses black cabs, many of which are wheelchair accessible.
  • Hotel has an emergency evacuation procedure for disabled visitors.

  • 4 accessible rooms one on each floor with wet room bathrooms.
  • Hotel bedrooms and corridors are spacious and can accommodate wheelchair users. Rooms start at 56sqm.

Restaurant & Bar
  • Stanley’s Bar & Grill and Rum Bar are accessible for dining.
  • Guide dogs are allowed in the restaurant and bar.
  • Accessible toilet is available.

Maya Blue Wellness
  • Lift access available.
  • Accessible toilet and changing room.
  • Treatment rooms can accommodate wheelchair users.

  • Staff are trained every 12 months regarding our policies and procedures around the hotel’s accessibility information and communication skills sessions, to ensure all staff are equipped with the correct knowledge and experience to accommodate all guest requests professionally and meet all expectations.
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