Original memorabilia from the RMS Titanic found at Stanley Dock

Friday, 31 March 2017
Titanic Hotel General Img3
Stanley Dock is a World Heritage Site for many reasons, and now it is a hot spot for historic discoveries. An array of original objects from the RMS Titanic has been found by the construction team in charge of building works in Titanic Hotel Liverpool.

The Hotel created in the Rum Warehouse of Stanley Dock is going under a series of works to develop new areas dedicated to functions and conferences. It was during the work carried in the foundations of the brand new West Bay Room that the workers discovered these objects hidden in the subfloor. 
'We are a team specialised in the refurbishment of historic properties and it is quite common to find certain objects from the period or original structures. However the memorabilia discovered in the West Bay is truly unique', reported one of the workers onsite.

Among the objects from the RMS Titanic there are pieces of cutlery and crockery, a restaurant menu, a boarding pass and a series of letters and pictures. The memorabilia has been taken for study to guarantee its protection. There is no reference about the identity of the collector of these objects although the historic commission behind the research has indications that it could be a Belfast born engineer, employee for the firm Harland & Wolff. creators of the legendary cruiser.

The Management Team at Titanic Hotel Liverpool are stunned by the discovery. Brian Connor, General Manager, commented that an exhibition will be hosted in the Rum Warehouse. 'We will have all the objects found in a temporary exhibition in the Rum Warehouse for the city of Liverpool to admire. Later in the year, the collection will be taken to our sister property  Titanic Hotel Belfast, prior to their final destination in the permanent exhibition of the Titanic Belfast centre.

Some images of the collection discovered in the West Bay at Titanic Hotel Liverpool