Meet Bradley Lean, new commander of Stanleys Grill and Bar

Thursday, 02 March 2017
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Originally from Wales, Bradley Lean has an extensive career which took him to work all over the world, from Toronto to Hong Kong. Four months ago Bradley was appointed as new Executive Head Chef, bringing a new vision and direction to this exclusive venue in Liverpool. We speak with him to find out more about all things food at Titanic Hotel and Rum Warehouse.

Tell us about the type of cuisine you want to achieve in the Hotel

It should be simple food, cooked well. Food shouldn’t be pretentious or complicated at the end of the day. We are a Hotel, the market we cater for here is predominantly a leisure market. Guests want to enjoy good food in a relaxing atmosphere, have a couple of drinks and chill, not being intimidated by the surroundings and that reflects on the type of food we cook here. People want fresh seasonal ingredients cooked to perfection.

Where is the inspiration coming from?

It’s a mix of things really. I’ve had a career for almost 22 years. I was brought up on north Wales, so seafood is a passion as I used to pick up scallops on the beach and even worked in fishing boats. I worked in different continents also so you actually need to adapt to your surroundings and the type of cuisine of those places. So I get inspiration from everywhere but I really enjoy cooking with fresh seasonal ingredients of the area.

What’s your vision for Stanley’s Bar and Grill?

I came on board 4 months ago and we redesign the structure and menu from the grounds up. Everyone knows their responsibility and we are building from the ground: simple food, fresh ingredients, cooked well, everything homemade. Now the team is stabilised we will elevate the food. A new menu is being written and will be implemented in the second week of March. I am a firm believer of a good structure in the team to deliver the great cooking we want to deliver.  This is a long term project for me, when the menu changes seasonally customers will see that the food elevates with a high standard.