Liverpool Biennial 2023

Liverpool Biennial 2023

10th June – 17th September 2023

uMoya – the Sacred Return of Lost Things
The 12th edition of Liverpool Biennial ‘uMoya: The sacred Return of Lost Things’ addresses the history and temperament of the city of Liverpool and is a call for ancestral and indigenous forms of knowledge, wisdom and healing. In the isiZulu language, ‘uMoya’ means spirit, breath, air, climate and wind.

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Exhibitions are available to view in historic buildings, unexpected spaces, and renowned art galleries including Tobacco Warehouse just across the road from Titanic Hotel Liverpool.

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Tobacco Warehouse
Wednesday – Sunday, 10am – 6pm
The artists at Tobacco Warehouse explore themes of repair and healing in their work, tending to colonial wounds and offering opportunities for reclaiming identity, dignity and engaging with aliveness.

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Don’t miss Book Andrew’s artwork on Stanley Dock.
Brook Andrew presents a new large-scale neon work at Stanley Dock, entitled ‘NGAAY’ (2023) (a Wiradjuri word meaning ‘to see’).

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love on the docks
Love on the Docks
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Titanic Dinner B&B
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Maya Blue Escape
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