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Rum Bar

Rum Bar

At the Rum Bar we believe that a cocktail menu that matches your mood and the hour of the day is essential. Hour by hour we offer an accompaniment for every conceivable occasion so that you will never struggle to find that perfect drink. 6pm? How about sipping on a Sun Downer?

Then there is the rum. Well what can we say? To read our Rum Menu is to travel the most exotic locations of the world. Every pour, sniff and sip transporting you to the smells and tastes of Guyana, Barbados, Martinique or Cuba. Rum is where this all started and Rum is very important to us.

With all of the care we took in getting the drinks right we thought we had better leave a little for the food. This is casual eating but there is nothing casual about the taste, about the way it just fits and hits the spot. 

Rum Bar as you might have guessed is not just a bar that serves Rum.